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​​​The Government has introduced the Pioneer Generation Package to honour and thank our Pioneers for their hard work and dedication. They have made Singapore what it is today.

About 450,000 Singaporeans will benefit from the Pioneer Gen​eration Package.​​​​


What are the benefits?

The package will help Pioneers with their healthcare costs for life.

Outpatient Care 

Additional 50% off subsidised services at polyclinics and Specialist Outpatient Clinics.

Additional 50% off subsidised medications at polyclinics and Specialist Outpatient Clinics.

  • To see more details on the benefits, please c​lic​k ​​​he​​​re​​​​
Enjoy subsidies at participating GP and dental clinics under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). Do remember to bring your Pioneer Generation card along when visiting a CHAS clinic. To see the exact benefits, please click he​re.

To find out more about CHAS and for the latest updates, please click 
Cash of $1,200 a year for those with moderate to severe functional disabilities under the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme. To find out more about the scheme and for latest updates, please click here.

MediShield Life

Support for all Pioneers' MediShield Life Premiums with special premium subsidies (40% - 60%) and MediSave top-ups ($200 - $800).

  • ​Born in 1934 and earlier : Premiums fully covered 
  • Born in 1935 to 1949 and fully insured under MediShield previously: Pay half the amount of premiums as compared to MediShield. 
All Pioneers will pay less premiums for MediShield Life ​than MediShield. To see the premium subsidies and payables, please click he​re.​

MediShield Life Premiums1​ and Subsidies for Pioneer Generation​

Age Next Birthday2

Pioneer Generation Subsidies

Annual MediShield Premiums

​​​             MediShield Life Premiums
​Annual Premiums Before Subsidies3

Annual Premiums with Pioneer Generation Subsidies


40% - 54%

$540 - $865

$815 - $1,175

$489 - $537

81 & above

54% - 60%

$1,123 - $1,190

$1,250 - $1,530

$566 - $615

All Pioneers will receive annual MediSave top-ups, which range from $200-$800 depending on birth cohort. These top-ups can be used to further offset premiums.

1 ​Premiums are based on the indicative schedule of benefits and may be adjusted, such as for changes in healthcare costs. The CPFB will provide written notification on the payable Medishield Life premium (after any applicable subsidies), before premium deduction.

2 ​Age Next Birthday ​is the Pioneer’s age on his/her next birthday after the policy renewal date.

3 There will be an Additional Premium of 30% if the Pioneer has serious pre-existing conditions.​

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        For more information on MediShield Life, please click here.
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MediSave Top-ups

$200 to $800 annually for life 
More for older cohorts

Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme

For Pioneers who permanently need assistance in at least three of these Activities of Daily Living:
-  Eating
-  Bathing
-  Dressing
-  Transferring
-  Toileting
-  Walking or moving around
Life-long cash assistance of $100 each month to help Pioneers with their care expenses. Please click here to find out more about the scheme.

Additional CareShield Life participation incentive

Additional $1,500 participation incentive for Pioneers who join CareShield Life when it becomes available to them in 2021.
Together with the $2,500 participation incentive announced earlier, all Pioneers will receive a total of $4,000 in participation incentives. This will be spread over ten years and used to offset their annual CareShield Life premiums, if they join CareShield Life by 31 Dec 2023.
This is in addition to any means-tested premium subsidies that Pioneers may receive.
For more information on CareShield Life, please click here.


Who is Eligib​le?

    Living Singapore Citizens who meet 2 criteria:
  1. Aged 16 and above in 1965 - this means:
    • Born on or before 31 December 1949​
    • Aged 65 and above in 2014
  2. and​​​
  3. ​​Obtained citizenship on or before 31 December 1986.

Those eligible for the Pioneer Generation Package would have received a notification letter in June 2014. Please keep your NRIC address updated.

If you would like to check their eligibility, you can do a self-check here​, or call the Pioneer Generation hotline at 1800-2222-888.​​​​​

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